Last change : 20-Ago-2010

This is a draft. Things can happen faster. It depends on SL4A.

July-August 2010

- 0.1 testing.0.11 testing.

- Detect issues/bugs, provide workarounds.

if ($found_bug && !$workaround_possible && $bug_is_really_stopping_the_fun) {
   $this->release("0.1." . $subver++);

- Improve docs/manual.

- New awesome artwork (we have a company working on it).

- Docs about installing/using the Android emulator || tiny desktop autoinstaller app + screencast

- Study SL4A Script2Apk feature: docs, tools (to make it easy: desktop app? script? nothing required?).

Sept-Oct 2010

- 0.2 release and testing (apk feature).

- 0.2x (bugfixes, adding libs and frameworks)

- trunk becoming public (<del>github?, googlecode?, our own server?) to ease source patches from the community.</del>

- Issue tracker

- Improve docs/manual.

Nov-? 2010

- (X.X.X) Bugfixing releases.

- Releases following SL4A ones.

- Improve docs/manual.

- Figure out how to load external PHP extension using dl (Also have a PHP extension repository cross-compiled for Android).

- PFA scripts repository (with upload form and so on). (Anton Perkin's idea)

- x86 support, apk should detect arch and download the correct zips.

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