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PFA code is under Apache license, copyright Irontec.

Manual is Creative Commons attribution


Install ASE (Android Scripting Environment)

<tip centered down note> PhpForAndroid.apk requires ASE r26. However, r26 hasn't been released yet (latest is r25) so we provide an unofficial ASE build by now. Please, don't tell ASE folks about bugs related to this build. Contact us instead or build your own ASE from trunk to discard an already addressed issue. </tip>


Download our unofficial ASE build

ASE only comes with a shell interpreter by default.

Install PhpForAndroid.apk


Download latest release (Releases page)

Once installed, run it and tap on “Install”.

The PHP binary and the scripts will become available to ASE.

Now!, run ASE. You should be able to see PHP demo scripts and they should work!.

Doesn't it work? Please, try uninstalling and installing again (this is alpha software).

Still not working? Fill this survey please:


Getting started

The real time ways (no more install, no SDK, nothing required)

1. Add/Edit PHP scripts on your mobile

ASE allows you to add or edit scripts on your mobile.

2. Use testnow.php

“allow_url_include” is On by default so you can include your code easily.

Include your own internet publicly available script. You'll find an already installed php script called “test.php”:

include(""); // ".txt" extention required to prevent parsing

TODO Tell about remote, using SDK…


Distributing your PHP script as APK

The ASE project is working on this. It will soon be possible.

Scripts collection

When PFA isn't enough: AndroidJava for PHP programmers.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions



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